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About Us
Our Mission: 
1. To encourage teens and women to be the best they can be.  
2. To share the truth, women have a God given strength and dignity no one can take away. 
3. To live by a positive example in order to encourage teens and women to lead a healthy, productive, confident  and faith based life. A lifestyle which God has planned and intended us to live.
“Both my mother and I feel we are blessed with a set of gifts. These God given gifts are uniquely ours. Sharing them during our time on earth is a way to express our gratitude and appreciation to the Lord.”
Connie Funkhouser & her mother, Irene Himes founded Daisy's Angels in 2011. Daisy's Angels is named after Connie's beloved late Grandmother Daisy. Grandma was always a positive influence and gave continuous encouragement to be the best that you could be, live with confidence and assurance that our smile brightens each and every person's day. Plus, with the Daisy being Connie's favorite flower and Angel being her Dad's affection nickname for her ~ Daisy's Angels ~ was chosen.  
In the summer of 2011 Connie & Irene  combined their two passions. Irene's, "Passion for Fashion" and Connie's the restaurant business and hosted the first Strawberry~

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Lemonade Luncheon, Fashion Show & Boutique.  With the growing popularity of this annual event, it has become a day that women look forward to attending and sharing with their friends. Using the funds raised at the fashion show, boutique and donations, in April of 2012, 2013 and 2015 Daisy's Angels took 40 women by bus to a WOF Conference. The foundation was able to pay all expenses for many women that needed the extra financial assistance. Daisy's Angels called this 3 night 4 day weekend, "Daisy's Angels all Girlz Spring Getaway!"  
Another achievement and an event that we are very proud of was held in August 2014.  We were able to host and sponsor our very own "One Day Event" by bringing Proverbs 31 Ministries to our home town.  Amy Carroll and Suzie Eller enticed us throughout the day with messages that filled our hearts with faith, inspiration and motivated us to be the best that God intended us to be.  A spectacular afternoon that we look forward to hosting again.
A highlight for our Daisy's Angels' Ministry Team has been our six year involvement with the Fremont County Juvenile Correction Center. We hosted Chapel Service on the second Sunday of every month. We shared the message of forgiveness, hope, God's Grace and Mercy. We also encouraged the Students to either renew or begin a personal relationship with Jesus our Lord and Savior. Before long, a bond had been created between the volunteers and Students and we were invited back for personal clergy visits. Through private donations and funds raised we were able to supply Bibles, outfits to the girls that had completed the program, and the guys a cool camouflage backpack. Each Student that attended Chapel Service on a regular bases is given a notebook full of information on how to sustain a life that is productive within family, community, and faith based. Our desire is to continue to volunteer our time, encourage, support, and guide these young adults as they re-enter the work force, re-start their education, and make a positive contribution to society. 
We are Blessed to share the Blessings of all those that shop our Daisy's Angels' Boutique, volunteer during fundraising, private donations, prayers, and unrelenting support. We "Thank You!" 
Be Blessed 

My Sweet Grandma Daisy on her 2nd Birthday
Septemeber 22, 1904 - 2006
Irene Himes & Connie Himes
Daisy's Angels' Co-Founders
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